The Mac Cool Neutrals pallet review

Hiyah again everyone! How’s everyone’s week been?? I’m really excited to do this review for you all. I’ve been wanting to do this for some time so don’t know why it escaped me but hope you enjoy πŸ™‚  

 This is Mac’s Cool Neutrals pallet. I bought this in April and have loved it ever since. I’ll go through each shadow and explain how I use them. First of all however, I found this picture online showing all the names of each colour so it’s easier for me to explain which shadow I’m referring to so here’s the picture…  

 Okay then guys, let’s start with Flounce. This is a very light baby pink shade. I have this on today as my lid colour with After Dusk in the crease and outer V. It’s extreamly light and not very pigmented which is why it’s best used as a base with something usually more pigmented on top. It’s not a colour that fools you however, looking pigmented in the pan but not on the lid. You can tell in the pan it’s going to be more pastel than pigment which I personally don’t mind. 

Sweet Allure is again quite sheer. It’s a very unique colour I would say as it’s like a brown/pink colour but not one I’ve ever come across before. I don’t use it too often to be honest as I find it difficult colour to pair with other shades but as I said, I haven’t used it too much so my opinion could be invalid. 

Sun Tweaked is a beautiful golden/orange shade but again is not too pigmented but definitely buildable. When it is built up it can look really quite beautiful but again, not one I reach for too often.

After Dusk is the one I mentioned earlier which is in my crease and outer V right now. This is one of my favourites as it’s a shimmery light purple with a pink undertone. This looks perfect with either purple or pink eye looks which is why I used it with my light pink look today just to deepen the outer part of my eye slightly giving it good dimension.

Lastly, on the first row is Blackberry. This has to be my favourite shade in the pallet and the one I use the most when I want to achieve a gorgeous purple eye. It’s a beautiful matt burgundy mixed with a plum purple. I use this either on the lid with Black Tied in the crease or in the crease with After Dusk on the lid. It’s very pigmented and a staple colour for me that blends effortlessly.

Pick Me Up is a yellow based white colour. It sits next to the less pigmented and more pastel colours but I do use often for inner tear duct and brow bone highlight. It does need building but to me, I prefer a matt highlight for the areas mentioned compared to a shimmery one so I do reach for this quite often. 

Cosy Grey is a gorgeous cool brown. This is the perfect transition colour for a variety of eye looks. It has a soft velvety texture to it and in the crease looks good under any other shadows. I highly recommend this colour.

Crushed Clove is a shimmery shadow. It’s quite pigmented and is a sunny bronze/gold colour which is actually fairly warm for a Cool Neutals pallet. I think this would be best suited as a all over lid shade with a darker matt shade in the crease to achieve a beautiful bronze glow. 

Deception is a shimmer and is definitely deceptive as it’s not the most pigmented of the deeper colours even though it looks it in the pan. It’s basically a slightly deeper shade of Cosy Grey but with shimmer. It does have a grey undertone to it but would definitely need to be worked and packed on to gain full pigmentation from this shade. 

Brun is a cult favourite of Mac eyeshadow lovers. It’s a cool chocolate brown which is pigmented and is a perfect crease colour for a brown smokey eye. I really like this and it is a shade I reach for often as it’s a matt colour. 

We’re now onto the last 5 shadows. The first is Silver Fog. Honestly, I’ve never used this colour however I have swatched it. In the pan it looks a very sheer pastel green with with a lot of silver shimmer to it. I find it difficult to use as I never do green eyeshadow looks so it’s difficult to review this shade and state whether I like it or not, but it’s very beautiful swatched. 

Fresh Clay, is a very pigmented almost opaque shimmery grey/very light brown. I don’t reach for this colour as much as I should because it’s a colour that I think would go with a variety of looks. It’s a good all over lid colour that brings a lot of shimmer to a look. 

Cumulus, is a grey with a brown undertone. This is very opaque and just stunning. This is another colour I need to use more. I love this! I will completely be using it more. 

Pearled Earth is again very pigmented and quite similar to Cumulus but is more shimmery and grey. I really love this and I think it blends really well too. 

And lastly, is Black Tied. This is a gorgeous shimmery black with a hint of a blue kind of purple colour as well. I think this is perfect with Blackberry, Blackberry being on the lid and Black Tied in the crease and outer V. 

I really hope you all loved this. It took me forever to write but it’s definitely worth it if it helps just one for you. Enjoy the rest of your day everyone!!!! 


Avon makeup setting spray review

Hello everyone, I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for a day or two but I wanted to do this post for you and I hope you enjoy πŸ™‚  

 So this is the makeup setting spray. I’m obsessed with this at the moment. I bought this about one and a half months ago and have loved it ever since. It costs around Β£3 from Avon but if you can’t get Avon in your country then Amazon should sell it too for under Β£10. This spray is the only thing I’ve found to help my makeup last ALL day! As I have oily skin everything seems to melt off my face….great. I can never seem to achieve that flawless look for long however this is a great help. What I like to do is apply it after my makeup, I can apply a heavy amount of powder and then this spray will stop my face looking cakey from all the powder. This way I stay oil free for longer πŸ™‚ You can also use it throughout the day to help your makeup last longer which I have recently discovered, a great way to keep my makeup on for a long time…literally the entire day. 

I am aware there are many other setting sprays out there such as the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray, however this can cost around the Β£20 mark and do the exact same thing. Well to be honest it really is only meant to keep your makeup on for a few hours as it is a night time spray but this Avon one does the job well an probably for longer.

I highly recommend this spray! It doesn’t make me oily and really helps mattify the face but can also be used as a spritz of hydration as well. 

Thank you all for reading, I know this was short but tomorrow I’ll do a everyday  work makeup look if you guys prefer? Leave me some comments below!! Thank you!!!! ☺️

Diorskin Airflash Matt Touch review

Hello again everybody πŸ™‚ I’m going to be doing a short review on the Diorskin Airflash Matt Touch by…you guessed it…Dior. Hope you like it!  

 First of all sorry for the terrible picture quality. I have to take the pictures on my iPad. Anyway, the product is a powder but the idea is that you spray this on your face or onto a brush then apply to the face instead of it being a lose powder for example, sort of like a spray can. For me, this was a complete impulse buy when I saw someone talk about it in a YouTube video and recommended it for those with oily skin. I thought the concept was kind of cool and unique but I now can understand why other companies haven’t joined on the band wagon for a product like this. 

I’ve used it a few times already and come to the conclusion I don’t like it. The concept is just not helpful as it means that you can’t aim the powder as direct as you can with a brush plus it means you can apply too much at times..which I’ve definitely done (it’s not a pretty sight) as it can make you quite orange. With this specific Dior product however it only comes in one shade which gives the idea it wasn’t going to be the latest must have makeup product. The shade itself on the other hand is ,again, quite orange not the shade of of a variety of skin tones. Plus the Β£30 price tag is outrages for a product that only comes in one shade and is so alternative to any other more reliable products.

Overall, I’m rather unhappy with this product. I can’t see how anyone would truly like this or get much use out of it but to be honest it was my own fault for impulse buying and not researching the product in detail but if nothing this might help anyone wanting to purchase this product in the future.

My favourite lip colours for Summer! β˜ΊοΈ

Hello again everyone. Hope everyone’s in a great mood today, just like me, since I have a day off school and no exams! Whoooooo!! Anyway, I really want to show you just some of the great lip colours for the Summer season. I’ve chosen 3 of my favourite nude colours and 3 bolder ones. Enjoy!! 

 Okay guys, so the lipsticks on the left are the nude colours and ones on the right are the bolder colours just to make it slightly easier for you πŸ™‚  

The first lip product is by Soap and Glory and it’s from their Sexy Motherpucker range in the shade Super Nude. This is a gorgeous mauve/nude colour…obviously haha. This is a matt finish which is why it’s perfect for the summer when it’s a bit more humid so it’s not going to budge as easily. I really can compare these lipsticks to Mac’s matt lipsticks. They’re extreamly long wearing and have that hint of a vanilla smell. I think this is a great nude for a fresh Summer look.

Beside it is the Baby Lips lip balm in Cherry Me. Even though this looks a more bold colour, it’s really not as it is a lip balm and is more just a light wash of colour on the lips. It’s a gorgeous deep fuchsia but as it’s just a tint of colour I thought I’d put it in the more nude section because it’s not too bright. This lip balm is very smooth and lightweight and if your not wanting to apply too much makeup throughout Summer I think you’re going to love this. 

Lastly, for the Nudes I chose Mac’s Flamingo. In a previous blog post I wrote about how horrible this looked on my lips and that I would never buy anything from Mac’s Lustre collection again because it gave my lips a horrible finish. However, I have recently been taking better care of my lips. They used to be awful and chapped and in the last couple of weeks I’ve been using a lot of lip balm so I don’t pick at them and now they’re much better so this colour looks gorgeous on me. The finish is very lightweight like the feel of a lip balm but with a lot more colour. It’s a very Summery light pink that I think goes best with a more subtle makeup look and I’m actually wearing it right now!! 
On the right are my 3 bolder colours. First being, Top shops Rio Rio. This is my first ever really bright lip colour that I picked up about early April time. It’s a stunning red with a gorgeous orange undertone. I feel orange lips are really in right now and this is just the perfect combination of red and organge if your not daring enough,like me, to go for an all out red lip. It’s a matt finish but really isn’t very drying although I don’t think is as creamy as some other matt lipsticks I have tried. 

Another Top shop favourite of mine is called Lovestruck. I would say this is a Satin finish and is a good dupe for Mac’s Mehr just in a Satin form. This is literally my go to colour, I’m obsessed with mauve/pink colours and this is ideal and I think a little bit more wearable than Mehr and it’s not as uncomfortable on the lip because its not matt. I would honestly wear this type of colour all year round but I think it looks best in the Summer either with a light bronzed look in the day or a more dramatic look throughout the night. 

And last but no means least is my absolute favourite lipstick right now. I think every girl needs this colour in her life for the Summer whether it’s this exact lipstick or an alternative dupe. It’s by Charlotte Tilbury in the shade Sexy Sienna. It’s such a unique colour and although it doesn’t look too bright when you look at it, on the lips it’s a beautiful bright peach/coral. I think you can really incorporate this into a variety of dramatic or toned down looks. It’s a matt finish but is so easily wearable and never feels drying on my lips. This is my No.1 Summer shade right now. 

I really hope you all enjoyed this post and it helped you out in some way if you’re looking for those more Summery colours to add to your collection. Thank you all for reading and as always leave me some feedback in the comments 😊

The Zoeva Rose Gold brush set review

Hey everybody!!!! πŸ™‚ I’m excited to do this review because I know  so many people might be interested in purchasing these brushes so I’ll go through the brushes individually telling you their uses and if I like them or not. Really hope you all enjoy! Firstly, I’m going to start with the brushes as a whole. They’re all quite chunky for makeup brushes. I really love this though, as they’re easier to hold and you get a firmer grip of them giving you more control when applying your makeup. They have rose gold hardwear at the top of the handle and the bottom is like a really deep brown colour which I believe to be made of wood but you can tell just by the feel of them that they’re good quality and wil not break easily. The brushes themselves arrive in a Zoeva makeup bag which look like this….It has beautiful rose gold embellishing on the name of the bag where it says ‘Zoeva’ and on the zip. 

I’ll start with the first brush (going from the left). This is the 106/Powder brush. Honestly this is my favourite of all the brushes. It’s so incredibly soft and fluffy so is perfect for powder and my most used of all the brushes a I own. If I could recommend one it would definitely be this one!

Beside it, is the 127/Luxe Sheer Cheek brush. This is for applying blusher to the apples of your cheeks. The brush is slightly tapered to one side and is so beautifully soft. Even after many washes it’s still remained soft although some of the hairs are starting to de-shape. I feel like you could also use this brush to apply blusher above your bronzer or contour as it is slanted at one side so can fit into those areas well. 

The next one is the 110/Face Shape brush. Now I bought these brushes in about November time last year and had absolutely no idea what this brush was for as I really wasn’t into contouring then but I soon realised this is perfect for getting a precise contour right into the hollows of your cheeks. It’s a small brush which has a rounded top and I use this brush with the Two Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer and it blends my contour out so effortlessly. I think if your looking for a great contour brush that you should definitely look into this particular one.

Then we get onto the 102/Silk Finish brush. This is a dense round top foundation brush. I either use this one or the Real Techniques buffing brush but the Zoeva brush just tops the Real Techniques one from the top in my opinion. It’s great from giving you an even coverage and blending out foundation well without consuming too much product and has a very thick handle. 

Probably one of my least used brushes is the 142/Concealer Buffer. I don’t use this much at all to be honest. When I first got it I used it everyday but soon started to use concealers like Collections Lasting Perfection concealer and Mac’s Prep + Prime where you can use the applicator it comes with to apply it then I use the Real Techinques contour brush to buff out my concealer so this brush became pretty useless. I didn’t feel it buffed in concealer very well as the brush is extreamly small and I like to use concealer to highlight instead of properly concealing to highlight my under eyes, chin and nose but overall the brush is not bad just unnesseary for me.

The set also comes with two eye brushes. The first is the 227/Luxe Soft Definer. This brush is very similar to Mac’s 217. It’s a great fluffy blending brush and is really good for blending out different eye looks although I do feel after a few washes it has gotten a little bit brittle but other than that it’s really stunning. I do feel it’s slightly bigger than the Mac 217 but that’s really the only difference. Perhaps a great dupe. 

The next brush is Zoeva’s crease brush called the 231/Luxe Petit Crease. I honestly don’t like this brush for the crease. It’s so thin and makes a weird line of colour in the crease which becomes difficult to blend out. I feel it’s better suited as a brush for the outer V as it can place eyeshadow more accurately to then be blended out. But it could just be me as I do gravitate to fluffier crease brushes although other people might like a more accurate one for a delicate place of colour. 

I’m really sorry but the next brush isn’t in the picture as I completely forgot so I’ll insert a picture below. This is the 317/Wing Liner brush. I honestly never really use winged liner as my eyelids are just too oily but I do use this to put eyeshadow on my water line which I really love it for. It’s extremely soft and is completely slanted for a perfect winged eye look. 

 On the whole, I really do love these brushes. I honestly use these every single day and have been for the last 8months or so therefore have had a good time to get to know them and review them for you. Really hope you enjoy! Please give me some feedback in the comments and thank you for reading.

My pamper routine

Hello guys! Hope everyone’s having a great day πŸ™‚ I’m going to do a blog post on my pamper routine. I use all this around once a week to help rejuvenate my skin but some of the products I also use on a daily basis. I’ll talk through each one and let you guys know how I feel about them. I’ve been using these for more than long enough to have a good opinion on them to do this post. Hope you enjoy!!! 😊

  These are the products, like I said previously, for my skin care routine once a week but some are used more often. The first is the Simple miscellar water. I know loads of people love the Garnier miscellar water but I wanted to try the simple one as its perfect for sensitive skin. This wipes makeup away effortlessly. I was so used to using harsh makeup wipes but can completely tell the difference after using this. This is something I highly recommend πŸ™‚ 

Next up, is two face washes. The first is the Simple Spotless Skin Triple Action face wash and the second the Body shops Squeaky Clean Scrub. I’ll start with the Simple face wash first. I use this more on an everyday basis as it has no exfoliants in it but helps wipe away impurities and is again, great for sensitive skin so is less harsh on my face. The second is the Body shop one. This face wash contains tea tree extracts and exfoliants to get rid of dead skin cells and the gritty muck that gets stuck in your face. Ew! But this is honestly such an amazing product. I use it mainly in my pamper routine however because using exfoliants too often can damage your skin so it’s best used every so often. 
One of my favourite products is the Clearskin pore penetrating mask. You can buy this from either Amazon or Avon and in the Avon catalog it’s literally about Β£3 but is so incredible. When you apply it, it’s a like a thick tar as its a deep black colour but as it dries, which takes around 5minutes, it turns a light grey colour and you can see all your pores. It gets right into your pores and when you wash your face afterwards to remove the mask you can really see your pores look clearer. After a while of continually using this I have started to see my pores diminish. I really think you guys should try this out for yourself.

The next four products I do use on pamper nights but I also use them on an everyday basis. They’re all from the Body shop and are in the Tea Tree collection, undoubtedly my favourite! The first one I use it the Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser. As it says in the name this a foam based product which helps to remove excess oils and take of makeup as well as cleansing the face. Then I use the Skin Clearing Toner which is a more water based product and this sweeps away impurities and gives a mattified look to the skin. Perfect for my skin! Next I use the Skin Clearing Lotion which hydrates but uses shine control which is great for both oily and dry skin so is a very versatile product which has the consistency of a lotion. Lastly, I love the Blemish Fade Night Lotion. This helps improve the look of blemish-damaged skin and is much thicker than the other lotion which is why it feels so indulgent to use. 

Last but no means least is my moisturiser. I got this one fairly recently as before I never really used to use moisturises having gross oily skin and all, but never the less I’ve been using Nivea’s Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream. I only use this on my legs but it really does give them a gorgeous soft feel.

All in all, I’m really happy with all the products I use for my pamper nights. Please leave me some feedback in the comments! ☺️

My everyday school makeup look :)Β 

Hello guys!! I’m really excited to do this blog post so I’m going to get straight into it.  

 Here are the products I use for school because I think they give me a really flawless and natural look. I’ll go into more detail with each product now and talk about their pro’s and con’s. 

 The first is the white bottle. This is a drugstore primer my mum randomly bought me from ASDA. It’s extreamly cheap so thought it was probably not going to be so good however when I tried it I fell absolutely in love with it. As I have oily skin I am always in desperate need of a good primer when wearing makeup and this definitely does the job. As soon as I apply it I can feel that my face feels instantly firmer ready for my makeup. As for as the longertity of my makeup I have noticed it will stay on considerably longer when I use this primer so if you have oily skin I would really recommend trying this. 

Next, is the Beautifully Matt foundation by No.7. As in the name, this is a matt foundation for my annoyingly oily skin. I have tried a lot of other regular foundations and my face of makeup has literally fallen off throughout the day. I even tried the Loreal infallible foundation which is also matt and it left me with a horrible rash probably with all the chemicals that were inside of it. This particular foundation though, the No.7 one, is hypoallagenic so will not react with even the most sensitive skin and has an spf of 15! It keeps me looking flawless for a good number of hours and i never feel the need to do any touching up with my foundation at school. 

The next product is the Lasting Perfection concealer but Collection. This has been a favourite product for me for a while now. It really brightens up my face however doesn’t conceal dark circles as best as I would like it to and I do love my Mac Prep + Prime that bit more but for a drugstore alternative this is pretty close. I use this for school as I don’t like wearing my higher end products there. My shade is fair 1 and I really do still love it as it gives you that flawless and uplifted look.

For mascara, this changes pretty frequently but the one I have been using recently is one by a brand called Mally. It has no specific name but I really have been liking this. I use this for school as it more lengthening than volumizing so I look a bit more natural and not too done up. It doesn’t clump and overall it’s great.

The second mascar in the silver bottle and is by Clinique. It’s for bottom lashes and is so amazing. I cannot reccomend this enough! It is pretty pricey for just a bottom lash mascara as its high end but I use it because I’m a person who has long lower lashes so throughout the day I will get mascara all under my eyes. The Clique mascara has completely stopped that from happening. It was a tiny brush on the end and is just so perfect!!!….and the packaging is pretty cute too πŸ™‚

The only lip product I use is a lip balm because it means at school my lips are being moisturised then when I go out or to work I can use a Mac lipstick and it will not dry out my lips too much especially if it’s a matt one. Also, it means my lips are natural and don’t get dry throughout the day either. It’s buy the brand Derma V10 and it has stopped my lips from being so dry and chapped.

For brows, I have recently been using the Kiko Precision eye brow pencil in 03. Honestly this isn’t my favourite product and I have some older eye brow pencils I prefer more but their so small so I’ve been using this instead. It’s a blonde shade but after a short time will give my every brows a hint of ginger which does not go with my hair so I tend to look a bit weird….not sure if it could happen to other people though.

 Powder is a complete necessity for me. I need it to keep everything in place and try maintain my oily skin so I have been using the Ilamasque translucent powder. I use this as it has no tint or colour, just a white powder to set your face. I really do love this however it’s much more on the pricey side but I would definitely re-purchase it as it helps my makeup stay all day. 

Lastly, is a bronzer from the Body Shop. It’s the second to lightest shade they have and I bought it specifically because I wanted a light wash of bronze added to my face. This is why it’s especially good for school as its very natural. I don’t use this everyday for school to be honest but I would say on average about once a week I like to apply some and is perfect for fairer skin tones.

 I really hope everyone enjoyed my post today, sorry it went on forever. Let me know if you guys thought it was too long or not and if you liked it πŸ™‚ Have a great day😊☺️